Can time share companies be used to have a green vacation?



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    Yes, in researching this topic I came across a number of eco-friendly resorts and villas. There are various approaches to sustainability taken by these resorts, from waste minimization and energy conservation to non-motor based water sports (kayaking, pedal boats, etc.). In one of the links below it is discussed that the timeshare buyers become familiar with the area they often come to, making them more aware of local food sellers and local products.

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    In fact, a majority of big name timeshare companies offer a range of eco-friendly vacations from getting your hands dirty and working in the field, to lounging in a sustainably built island villa.  More and more resorts are bringing their focus back towards the environment, drawing from local markets for their food and amenities.

    At Gaia Vista resort in Costa Rica, timeshare owners are expected 4 hours of work for the resort per their week stay.

    In Cornwall, England, visitors can stay on the 1,000 wooded acres of the Trelowarren Resort.  Water is supplied from a local spring and the entire estate is heated by a single biomass boiler.

    Large companies such as Divi Resorts have implemented the use of Natura natural products in their hotel rooms and suites.  All soaps, shampoos, and other personal care products are packaged in bio-degradeable containers.


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