Can there ever be such thing as a earthquake/tornado proof building?



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    Not really. Buildings can be (and are) built to react in ways that minimize damage, but no, there is no such thing as earthquake-proof or tornado proof.

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    The simple answer at least for earthquakes is yes. The technology actually does exist to make buildings nearly earthquake-proof today.

    Engineers who work on earthquake-resistant buildings have said “current technologies prevent well-designed buildings from cracking when the ground shakes beneath them.”

    There are two ways to prevent buildings from collapsing in an earthquake: By making buildings stronger, or by making them more flexible, so they sway and slide instead of crumble.  This is  called “base isolation.”

    Skyscrapers that float on systems of ball bearings, springs and padded cylinders have been around for many years.  These structures don’t sit directly on the ground, which protects them from some earthquake shocks. In the event of a major earthquake, they sway up to a few feet. These buildings are surrounded by “moats,” or buffer zones, to prevent them from swinging into other structures.

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