Can there be a relationship made between cost of living and negative effect on the environment?



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    There can be and there totally is!  Oftentimes the cheaper lifestyle IS the greener lifestyle.  For example, turn off the lights and end light pollution while simultaneously lowering your electric bill!  Another, more convoluted example is that cheap food is often only cheap because of heavy government subsidies, which come through our taxes, and processed food is shipped cross country at heavy cost to our environment in fossil fuels, both of which are very expensive.  For more on that, check out author Michael Pollan’s book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma.”  Another example is the cost of riding your bike versus the cost of driving your car:  which needs  more of the following:  constant refueling, insurance costs, inspection costs, and frequent repairs and baths?  Probably your car.  The greener lifestyle is almost always the cheaper lifestyle. 

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