Can there be eco-friendly plastics?



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    Yes, Bioplastics are made from renewable organic materials such as vegetable oils or starches. In addition to being renewably created they are also compostable.

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    This is debatable! For a while plastic manufacturers trumpeted the virtues of biodegradable plastics that would eventually break down in compost or landfills; however environmentalists argued that they still require too much energy and oil to make, don’t actually break down in a landfill, and could leave toxic leftovers, ultimately relegating them to the status of “greenwash”.

    More recently there has been much excitement surrounding bioplastics, plastics made from polyactide, which comes from corn rather than petroleum. While these plastics are biodegradable and do not rely on oil, they are slightly more expensive that traditional plastic, a bit tougher to recycle, and still require energy and water to grow the corn used to produce actide, so the jury is still out…

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    There are plastics such as biodegradable plastics that are made from plant sources that have less of an environmental impact than those that are made using oil. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pennsylvania are studying ways of producing plastics from vitamin C and pure water. This process of making plastics is moving away from the traditional method of free radical polymerization.

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