Can there be an argument made that skiing is better for the environment than snowboarding?



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    Not really. Skiing and snowboarding are too similar to feel green about either one.

    They both require driving there.

    They both need huge areas of trees to be cut down.

    They both need heated lodges, chairlifts, and parking lots built.

    And they both require metal, plastic and fiberglass to be made into skis or snowboards.

    The only way they would be different is if you count cross country skiing. That way people don’t need to build chairlifts and cut down trees.

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    You could argue that whichever one requires less non-biodegradable material to make the equipment is more eco-friendly.  Just from eyeballing a set of adult-sized skis and a snowboard, I think what uses less material is the snowboard. But this is probably a slight difference. 

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