Can tattoos reach the bloodstream?

For some reason I’m having some anxiety on getting another (yes another) tattoo. I have two, and have had no problem, neither of them really even bled, and neither of them got infected. But I am getting a third, and was wondering what layer of skin does a tattoo reach? And if it goes deep enough to get into the bloodstream..



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    Tattoo ink is needles onto the second layer of skin – the dermal layer.  And yes, it is possible for the ink to reach the bloodstream and put you at risk of ink poisoning.  The odds of this are very rare, though, and your risk is zero after the four-to-six-week healing process.

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    There’s an interesting article at the link below – discussing both sides of the issue in regards to safety.  There are not a lot of problems with getting a tattoo, however, there are things to consider – studies have shown a possible link to an unrecognized epidemic of hepatitis C (HCV), there have been allergic reactions to certain inks, hepatitis B, C or HIV are possible, however, there has not been confirmed evidence of it happening.  The vast majority of the time nothing happens – as long as the artist is practicing good hygiene and you practice good after care you should be fine.

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    There is a possibilty that the ink from a tattoo can get into the blood stream but there are various factors that make this more likely. A great example is alcohol; “Alcohol makes the skin more permeable.” This means if alcohol was used to clean the skin or for some reason mixed with the tattoo ink then there would be a stronger possibility that chemicals would be able to cross into the blood stream.

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