Can Taoism be considered the most eco-friendly religion/philosophy?



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    Taoism is eco-friendly simply because it’s not one of the anthropocentric judeo-christian religions… but is it the most eco-friendly? Well, like most religion/philosophies it can be hard to get past all the “at one with the universe” gobbledygook with taoism… it’s named “the way” because Lao Tzu couldn’t come up with a better name. You know what else translates to “the way,” or at least something close? Jihad… that’s right, jihad means “the path.” The way, the path… whatever… the point is that someone can come along and say “I know the way…” or “the path;” they’re interchangeable. Point being, it’s better just to recognize that there is something we call being “eco-friendly,” and certain things are friendlier than others and for the most part we don’t want to be too friendly, you know, harmony with the universe and whatnot… is this taoism? Probably… but who’s to say. That’s why I recommend being an existentialist/atheist and relying more on pragmatism and science than “the way.” 

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