Can superstitions be scientifically explained?



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    Superstitions can be explained by psychology, which itself is a science so yes one could say that superstitions can be explained scientifically. However, superstitions tend to be things that defy natural science and logic, so I want to make it clear that while they can be explained scientifically (via physcology) this does not make them in any way scientific fact.

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    Yes, science can explain superstitions. They are quite common and held by people from all different areas of life. They tend to be rationalizations and based in a belief, conscious or not, that we all have an impact on others in our lives.  That is, by doing something, or not doing something, the world will change or not change around us. It is a similar psychology that is behind religions, where people take comfort in believing they are a part of something bigger.

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    Some religious superstitions start with phenomena that can be explained by science. For example, many religions denounce the consumption of pork. This likely began as an explanation for food poisoning symptoms that occasionally followed eating pork in the days before refrigeration. What science can now explain with modern knowledge of bacteria could once only be explained by religion. Pork was known as an abomination because eating it made people ill. Now we know it’s perfectly fine if kept cold and then thoroughly cooked.

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    Metaphysically they are explained in that you think into existence. By holding onto a superstition you believe is true, you send out those thought waves that create and manifest that very thing into being.

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    Most superstitios can be explained scietifically. For example, the belief in a sun god is probably due to the fact that the sun literally gives life to creatures on earth. The energy created by the sun can be explained scientifically – the sun must create a chemical balance between the heat and pressure in its core. The belief in various gods in ancient pantheons, like a sea gods or wind gods, can also be explained by the fact that these forces of nature are so powerful and uncontrollable by man.

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