Can the SonUmbra be a good substitute to the streetlight?



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    The SonUmbra light parasol offers shade by day and operates as a light emitting tree at night by using solar cells embedded in their canopies. Although a great idea, they are too expensive to substitute basic streetlights at the moment. However, SonUmbra lights are ideal for remote locations that lack electricity or other light-creating energy sources.

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    The SonUmbra canopies collect sunlight during the day via a set of solar panels on the top of the canopy. At night, they use the energy collected throughout the day to create a self-sustained light. They were designed for remote locations, places where there is little to no available electricity. It probably could be used as a streetlight in the city; however in very busy places, such as Times Square in New York City, the amount of light at night would probably cause the SonUmbras to continue collecting light instead of making it.

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