Can someone name an effective weight loss diet?

send me your opinion guys… thanks.



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    Eat right, exercise, see your doctor and dentist regularly.

    Avoid people who are just trying to sell you diet supplements, since many of them can make you sick.

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    I would not suggest a “diet” in terms of something short term. If you really want to lose weight and be healthy, consider a life change. I know this may sound difficult, but it will get easier the longer you do it and you will find yourself loving the results.

    Eat less: sugar, salt, processed foods, fatty foods (avoid fast food)

    Eat more : veggies, fruits, beans and nuts

    Drink less : sugar and caffiene

    Drink more: water and tea

    Eat less but more often. Fast 12 hours everyday (that is why they call it break-fast).

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    When i think about weight loss i just remind one word and that name is Phentermine 37.5, i have used it and its so effective.


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    The most effective way to lose weight and keep the weight off, in my opinion, is to have a healthy diet and never starve yourself. Personally, I found that starving myself does not work at all but most of the time I end up indulging myself with fatty and junk food in the end. For the past four months I have been eating healthy like having salmon for dinner and edamame as a snack. I also have been indulging in superfoods such as half of an avacado a day and I have been feeling great. I was able to achieve my goal weight and maintain it. Never refuse your body of its necessary nutrients. It is always important to be healthy  and never expect to lose weight immediately. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time to lose weight and do it in a responsible way.  Here is a website that I follow in order to understand how important it is to eat healthy which leads to losing weight.

    and also

    this second site will provide you with a list of super foods and its nutrients. I wish you much luck in your goal and also great health!


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    Phentermine Reviews is a great formula to make your body slim and slender.

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    I have tried the Dukan Diet weight loss diet program and found it effective. I have lost 11 (just 11lbs in 4 months??) lbs since I started it 4 months ago. It’s a four stage personalized guidance program where the first two stages take the excess weight off and the last two teach you to maintain your ideal weight for a lifetime. I find it easier to follow as it advises a good dose of daily exercise and provides me with a list of over 100 ‘allowed foods’. Read it up and give it a go! Good luck! J

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