Can someone explain the social structure of a wolf pack.

I have read very conflicting things regarding how many alpha wolves there are, who leads the pack, who competes with who…etc. Please clarify if you can.



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    It has been thought for years that wolf packs had a heirarchical social structure, with an “alpha male” at the top, and that elevation through the pack was attained by way of winning battles.

    However, this has recently been shown to be the behavior of wolf packs in captivity, and not entirely reflective of the true social structure or behavior exhibited in the wild.

    In the wild, wolves tend to have a social structure similar to humans, with a family comprised of a mated pair and their children.

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    the alpha male is the pack leader, his mate is the matriarch, or alpha female.

    the beta is the runner up. same for alpha. can be alpha’s pups in some cases.

    the chain goes on down the alphabet untill you have the omega. the omega is nothing in the pack and is ignared and attacked often.

    when it comes to prey, the alpha and his mate + pups get first pick. then betas then gammas ect. omegas get scraps and bones + possible starving if no food left.

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