Can solar powered charging stations used for private EVs like the Leaf and the Volt?



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    Yes, definitely. Are they being implemented yet, NO! However, the solar technology must be greatly increased before they can be used to power EVs. Solar power does not currently provide enough energy to supply that many vehicles on the road. I see it being supplemented with other alternative fuel sources. 

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    I believe it is perhaps a possibility one day, but for now, it wouldn’t be sustainable. Most solar panels convert less than half the sunlight they receive into electricity, which is why so many are required to produce significant amounts of power for use. Now perhaps if you could afford to have your own personal solar “station,” or plug-in receptacle, in your home, then perhaps it could work to some extent. The problem with that is that home solar installation can still be expensive for some people, but as it becomes more prevalent in society the price will come down. Perhaps by then we won’t even need charging stations (don’t tell the fuel companies that).

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