Can solar power get the same subsidies as coal receives?



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    If a country legislates it to be so, then yes it can. Germany for example, highly subsidizes solar power, and they are the leading country in solar power. Currently, the American government hardly subsidizes solar power at all, and therefore it is lacking in growth.

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    You would have to subsidize solar power a lot to make up for all the socially paid externalities of coal burning. But it is doable; just look at the policies of many European countries such as the Netherlands that have supported a diversified energy portfolio strong in renewable options, and highly interconnected to the resources of other regions through the emerging European supergrid. Many stakeholders see job creation and positive changes in energy policy, as well as business opportunities for the future in megaprojects for green infrastructure; see the first citation below for just one example of such a project. Opportunities exist for entrepreneurs at every level, in every area from marketing to engineering to human resources to equipment manufacturing, for needs ranging from solar energy production and storage to recycling to green agriculture and everything in between.

    Part of what makes a big difference in getting green policies passed is getting people excited about the power of alternative energy and green technology and enterprising, and letting them know they can save money in the process!

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