Can solar power farms be installed at sea so as to avoid using land that can be used for other things?



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    yes but you would need to clean the panels more frequently, you would have the danger of deposited sea salt shorting out the electronics, and you need to make (heavy) solar panels float. all of these would make it more expensive

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    I think it would be technically possible, but the sea presents many challenges. You might not have to make the panels float, but they will need a sturdy support system. The danger of salt in the electronics, as bobbobvenbob noted, would be a concern. Also, the sea is a stormy environment. While there are offshore wind farms, which capitalize on the storms of the sea, solar panels might not be worth it. Clouds easily appear and block the sun over the sea. The solar panels might not even be able to produce energy most days, while offshore wind farms are fueled by the sea’s natural windy-ness.

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