Can solar panels get any energy during a full moon?



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    No, because solar panels charge from being hit by photons.  There are no photons in moonlight, only sunlight.

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    Although the moon emits strong gravitational powers when full, it does not emit the sort of light energy that solar panels require. On a similar subject, some researchers have suggested placing solar panels on the moon, then beaming the power back to Earth for our use. 

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      Just to clarify, the moon’s gravitational attraction is the same whether it is full or not. When it is full, in line with the sun, attraction is greater because both the moon and sun are involved; hence the tides. Most places have two high tides every day, not just when the moon is full, because of the earth’s rotation and the relative change in the moon’s position.

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    Light is photons, and the light coming from the moon is photons. Just not enough to do anything significant for solar panels.

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