Can smog kill someone?



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    Studies have confirmed that short term exposure to smog can cause lung disease and other problems that could result in premature death. While smog won’t immediately kill someone, like inhaling cigarette smoke it can lead to premature death.

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    Yes, California estimates that 24,000 people die every year from air pollution/smog.  The contents of smog have been known to lead heart attacks, strokes, and various types of cancer.  All of the previous diseases are seen in higher quantities in California; scientists attribute the correlation to the poor air quality.

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    Yes. Smog, in modern usage, usually refers to emissions from vehicles.  Smog consists of a wide range of primary and secondary pollutants (secondary pollutants being those formed by chemical reactions of primary pollutants), which can irritate the lungs and throat, which can exacerbate respiratory conditions and cause asthma attacks and heart attacks.  Even in healthy individuals, long-term exposure to smog can lead to a shortened life:  studies have shown that people who live in smoggier areas are three times more likely to die of respiratory disease.

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    Over time the effects of smog can really damage a person’s lungs. The effects can even be immediately noticeable, like shortness of breath and trouble breathing. Eventually one can develop lung cancer. A lot of people live under the illusion that you can only get lung cancer from smoking, but there are other causes such as air pollution/smog. 

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