Can smelling burnt smell for a long while(15 hours) damage your sense of smell?

My mum burn a pot of soup last night but I wasn’t at home. The burnt smell must have gotten everywhere coz I could smell the burnt smell on my showering towels. Then I opend the window and doors to try get get the smell out. Then I went the sleep. When I woke up today I find that I can’t smell as good as usual. I usually have a very sensitive nose and I tried smelling perfume and scented oil but I could only smell very little scent when I put it very close to my nose!
Has the particle in burnt smell damaged my sense of smell? If it did I would be very upset!!
It does also feel drier than usual!



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    Smelling any strong odor for an extended period of time can often result in a temporary change in your ability to smell, especially the particular smell you have been smelling. However, there is rarely permanent damage to the sense of smell.

    Of greater concern would be what you are inhaling. Some things release toxic chemicals when burned, and inhaling these over an extended period of time can be much more harmful than a skewed sense of smell.

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      Xmanmonk or anyone else that can help, I have a similar question… I left a china plate on a stove burner by accident and it burned while I was out of the house. The smell has been pretty bad but is slowly getting better with some standard treatments such as leaving out baking soda, bowls of vinegar, and airing out the house. That being said is it dangerous for me to be inhaling this smell, the plate has a relatively common coating/glaze on it that I imagine burned off some chemicals when it was on the stove. I’m wondering how serious I should take this clean up process and possibly move out of the house for a little while as it gets better. Thanks

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      The burning of the china itself is probably relatively harmless. I would be more concerned with the contents of the glaze. However, if you’ve been airing the house out for a while, you have likely already purged most anything out, especially anything that might be airborne. Hope that helps.

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      Thanks Xmanmonk for taking the time to help out! Yea, I’m thinking this glaze is probably pretty toxic when the chemical compounds break down but It couldn’t be thaaaat toxic if food is served on it. If the smell is still really bad in the next 48 hours I will hire a professional heavy duty cleaning service such as ServiceMaster… If at that time they run any toxicology reports that turn up anything interesting I’ll follow up. If in the meanwhile you come across any other info or additional thoughts to add they are appreciated. Regardless, thanks for your time and hope you have a great one!

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