can the smell of sewer gas harm unborn child

my daughter married a little over a year ago she is currently pregnet and due june 10,2012 they have been living in their home for a year and a half my husband and myself smell a gasy odor in the house we think it might be sewer gas.



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    Ammonia, methane, and Hydrogen sulfide gas  make up what is known as sewer gas. The sewer gas is the result of the bacterial breakdown of wastes and is also the result of industrial pollution. Exposure to a low amount of sewer gas will make you sick and exposure to a high-level amount can cause death. The answer to your question is yes, sewer gas can harm not only you but your unborn child.

    Here are some signs that sewer gas is affecting your health; headaches, increased heart rate, ataxia, memory loss ,loss of appeitite, irritability, bronchial spasms, respiratory distress, loss of consciousness, short attention spans, and nausea. Although the small amount of exposure may not cause death right away, the sub-lethal exposure over time will cause long term health problems.

    Please contact a plumber, contractor or an environmental consultant who wiill be able to tell you exactly what that smell is and who will also inform you on what should be done to protect you and your family. Best wishes!

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