Can small companies learn from large ones about carbon emissions?



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    Yes, in the same way an average citizen sees a person of power or fame being sustainable, so can small companies to large ones. Right now the government wants to focus on those huge carbon-emitting companies since that will make the biggest dent the quickest. But then over time the smaller ones will follow suit using the tools and knowledge the large companies acquired while cutting their emissions. This will be how America becomes truly sustainable.

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    Absolutely! They can learn from both the successes and the failures of larger companies. Further, this can work in reverse, as well: big business can take its cues from smaller companies. In fact, this is seen in industries like Big Pharma, who tend to buy up smaller pharmaceuticals, who have the drive and vitality to instigate new products into the world.

    With regard to carbon emissions, a good example is Tesla Motors, who took ideas from GM, et al, and built their company from many of the mistakes (and successes) of the larger auto companies.

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