Can ski/snowboard wax be harmful for health?



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    There is speculation that the wax is harmful because it contains perfluorochemicals the particles of which do not break down. In health studies conducted with rabbits it was found that PFC particles resided in the kidneys, lungs and livers of the subjects and altered function. Other studies show that PFC’s are linked to cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses. 

    Generally the common consumer applying wax is not at risk for any health problems because they are not ingesting or breathing particles (hopefully). The health concerns are more for ski/snowboard technicians who are exposed to wax particles consistently. 

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    Looking back at the few times that I did go snowboarding, I remember the snowboard wax irritating my hands. The effects went away after washing my hands, but it’s still something to make note of. In general I’d try to limit your exposure to it, and small doses of it probably aren’t harmful to human health. 

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