Can sewage be used to make power?



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    My feeling tells me it can. I am not aware of any projects in the works as of yet to try to do this… but I know they are using methane from cow manure to produce energy, so it seems highly probably that there is a likelihood that it can be done with our sewage systems as well.

    I also thought about this: Maybe we could use the flow of the water to spin generators at certain times (like when there is a rain storm and all that excess water flows down into the drains in the streets) and make small amounts of energy in various places—like a scaled down hydroelectric plant. There would be many jobs created, but it would be gross work because you would be down in the sewage system any time one of these generators needed to be installed or repaired. But anywhere there is motion there is energy (it’s how do you capture it that matters), so theoretically, since there is definitely motion in the sewage system, you could turn it into a power generator by using an spinning shaft and turbine to operate or spin an AC generator. Also with all the chemical energy and gases down there, it’s possibly a two-pronged approach that could make it pay off. You got millions to invest in the research and development!?

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