Can a scorpion kill a human?



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    Yes.  Depending on the scorpion, the sting may introduce venom into the person’s body.  The person’s weight and allergies will determine whether the venom is lethal or not.  There are 1,000 reported deaths from scorpion stings in Mexico annually.

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    Not all species of scorpions have the venom potential to kill humans, but there are several species that do.  For most species, the most lethal time is when the scorpions are babies as their venom is more concentrated, and as they age they lose their potency.  For most deadly species there is a 12 hour timespan after being stung when you can get an anti-venom and live, but after that you have a good chance of dying.  The common scorpion can’t kill you, but some types that can are the red scorpion and the black scorpion.

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    One of deadliest scorpions in the U.S. is Arizona Bark Scorpion. In fact, that is the only deadly scorpion in the states. In South West Asia, there is the Fat-tailed Scorpion, that has been reported to kill people. A general rule of thumb is the smaller the scorpion the deadlier it is.  

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