Can scientists see all of the planets from earth using telescopes?



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    If you mean the planets in our solar system, then yes. Most of the plants can be seen with the naked eye or with binoculars if the conditions are right and you know what you are looking for, and other moons and stars can be seen with an amateur telescope. The really powerful telescopes let people see quite a bit farther. Check out this site for amateur astronomers if you’re interested:

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    If you mean all the planets we know of, then no. In searching for planets in our solar system, astronomers measure the effects planets produce on the star around which they orbit. Astronomers will look for slight dips in starlight which tell them a planet is passing in front of a star. Astronomers can also tell if a star is moving back and forth, away and towards Earth, which tells them a planet is affecting a star’s orbit. We can’t just look through a telescope here on Earth and hope to find planets. They simply do not emit enough light!

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