Can sawdust from cutting down trees be used for paper?



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    Yes, yes definitely!  See the links below for the mechanics of how that works.  Your question made me wonder if logging companies were managing their sawdust when they harvest trees; in fact they do.  This Link explains how responsible and sustainable logging works.  

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    Sawdust can be used to make all sorts of things. The last link below is a link to a PDF that talks about uses for sawdust written by the U.S.D.A. FOREST SERVICE. 

    Here are some links to products made from sawdust and woodchips:

    Yoav Avinoam’s Coffee Table made from Sawdust

    “Green” ceramics made from sawdust and silicon carbide

    Pellets and briquettes made of sawdust beech 100%

    Sawdust Crafts – Explore Crafts Made Using Sawdust

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