Can saving ecosystems save us money?



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    Definitely. Ecosystems supply us with a number of services. For example, forests provide us with the service of turning carbon into oxygen. Wetlands provide water filtration, storm suppression, and of course, a great habitat for numerous species. It is hard to determine the monetary values of these services, however, it is clear that preserving them is way cheaper than trying to replicate or reproduce them. It is a lot more expensive and less successful to try and restore an ecosystem to its natural state after it has been degraded than to preserve it as it is in its natural present state. 

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    Saving ecosystems costs a lot of money at first, but do hold the potential to save money later down the line. For example, restored wetlands in Louisianna would reduce the damage to property during storms saving money in the long run.

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    I agree, saving ecosystems is a long term investment. While having little immediate return, they will certainly save us money in the future. If not saving us money, healthy ecosystems will at least give future generations a better quality of life that is well worth the price now

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