Can recycling save any resources?



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    Yes, recycling was initiated with the intention of reducing waste and saving resources. By recycling materials, you are contributing to saving the resource that would otherwise be used to make new products. Recycling paper sends old paper to a facility where new paper is made from the old product. This assists in resource conservation because paper can be reused, rather than new trees cut down to create new paper. More and more materials are recyclable these days and each play an important role in preserving a number of natural resources.

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    Absolutely. One important resource that often goes overlooked is SPACE. Landfills are filling up at alarming rates. Some people do not realize it, but much (OR even MOST!?) of what we throw away is not garbage at all. We need to build more recycling plants because at least half the stuff we throw away could be turned back into raw materials. Consider the following two products which we have great methods for efficiently recycling: PAPER and ALUMINUM… There is plenty of aluminum in the earth’s crust (although one day it will eventually run out—but probably not for like 10,000 years or more!). But why dig up what we already have lying around in abundance? The resources wasted are the time and energy that it takes to dig up the ore. As for paper, well, this hurts us double-fold—it’s expensive and energy intensive to harvest trees for paper pulp—and those trees provide a means of cleaning the earth’s atmosphere. Trees are sort of like the world’s lungs. They breathe for us—well, sorta. They are able to filter out of the air what they need (CO2) and give what they don’t need back to us (O2). It’s funny how they need what poisons us; and we need them so we won’t be poisoned (yet, we cut them down like it’s our job—and, indeed, for some of us, it is). Without them, we would be lost because there wouldn’t be enough oxygen in the air for us to breathe. That’s why it’s important that we use what resources we have instead of wasting them by using up more and more from the source. At some point, we will actually begin to go back to the dump and take the resources from there instead of getting them from nature—the costs will become too high as resources become depleted and people begin to realize and care more and more about the environment’s well-being (OUR WELL BEING!) RECYCLING can save an untold number of resources—but so can REDUCING our TOTAL USE (why do we need so much in the first place?—and REUSING (#1!) containers or goods when possible.

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