can rubber mulch be used for a driveway?



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    This website recommends using rubber mulch for a driveway as well as a variety of other landscaping options. Rubber mulch is an environmentally friendly alternative to other types of mulching such as straw/hay or wood barks and chips because it is made of recycled materials and is non toxic. Rubber mulch also lasts longer than other types of mulching, and does not cause breathing issues because of dust.

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      I appreciate you taking the time to reply to my question. I am asking because I want it for the driveway to drive cars on, not for landscape beauty.. I have used it around my palm trees and it is really great.. It has not moved nor discolored.. thanks again..

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    Yes it can be used for a driveway.  On one of the blogs about rubber mulch, someone mentioned that their neighbor used it on the driveway and it had been there for a few years and still smelled like rubber and was very unpleasant.  Others expressed concerns about using something that would decompose over many, many years into the soil and new owners of a home 25 years from now wouldn’t know about it and plant veggies there.  One of the biggest concerns was flammability.  The rubber mulch burned faster and hotter creating a more severe fire that was harder to put out than one started in wood mulch (which I don’t think you would use for a driveway anyway).  It can have steel still in it as well.

    On the plus sides – it will stay in place, it weathers well, weeds usually won’t grow through, but will around the edges, it doesn’t attract termites, it is recycling rubber and keeping it out of landfills!

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    The rubber mulch for under layment subbase and concrete or asphalt over rubber in cold states will prevent frost from penetrating. As a loose material in cold states when plowing snow wil loose 30 to 40% of material.

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