Can fish reproduce if they have organs from both male and female fish?



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    I think you’re talking about the feminization of fish that has been found to be occurring in US waters, bass in particular. It is on the rise, thought to be caused by pharmaceuticals in the water. The birth control pill, it is suspected, gets into the system from treated sewage containing the pee of women taking the pill. No really. These estrogens come from pharmaceuticals like birth control pills, or agricultural runoff with pesticides, and it’s an ingredient in plastic. No, really.

    If this is what you mean, they don’t know yet. There are eggs in the male testes in the Bass, but I don’t know about reproduction… populations are not down if that is any indication.

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    Actually, I think the question is referring to hemaphroditic specimens, a characteristic which is actually quite common in nature. According to this question regarding whether or not fish can reproduce as hermaphrodites, both salmon and hamlets contain this type of reproductive system. There seems to be quite a few other examples as well, which are linked below.

    Of course, as the above question notes, however, there are plenty examples of fish showcasing both female and male reproductive parts for non-natural reasons as well (e.g. in bass in American rivers.

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