Can animals really smell fear?



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    No. Fear is an emotion and gives off no smell. “Smell” is used more as a perceptual word. Animals can sense fear in someone by the visual cues that the emotion brings about.

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    That depends on what an individual’s response to a scary situation is. Some responses to fear in the human body are; increased heart rate, dilation of pupils, release of glucose into the bloodstream, increased breathing rate, and increased sweat gland activity. If a person’s response to fear includes increased sweat gland activity that produces sweat a nearby animal with a good sense of smell could detect human sweat, in a sense smelling fear.

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    Animals cannot smell fear, but they are excellent at reading body language.  They have an uncanny knack for communicating through body language, since that is a large part of how they communicate to one another.  Alpha wolves will bare their teeth and the pack members will become submissive, rolling over on their backs and sticking their tail between their legs.  When humans suddenly come upon an animal and become scared, the animal will notice jerky and unsure movements and people shrinking to appear smaller and non-threatening.  These signals are easily interpreted as fear.

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