Can radiation spread around the globe within a short time?



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    Yes. The radiation from the Chernobyl incident was eventually detected around the world. It exposed those closest to it to nearly 100 times the normal amount of radiation in their areas.

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    Yes, nuclear radiation can spread around the globe. Nuclear radiation typically travels at the speed of light. Experts warn that if a meltdown occurs in Japan, radiation will spread to other parts of the world, including the west coast of the United States. However, radiation weakens a bit when it travels such a long distance. People closest to a nuclear explosion or meltdown tend to be most affected by radiation. It’s why people in villages around Chernobyl had higher rates of Cancer, though the radiation spread farther than the immediately surrounding area.

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    As we are seeing from the recent disaster in Japan (earthquake > tsunami > nuclear meltdown), radiation can spread worldwide by sea. Since much of the radiation from Japan’s nuclear plant is seeping into the flood waters from the sea, it is also traveling, by sea, to other places, like American’s west coast, where radiation from the plant has already been detected in California.  

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    Okay everyone, we are in agreement that the radiation will spread.

    The primary question asked though, was HOW QUICKLY will this happen, and nobody has answered THAT question yet.

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