Can the radiation from microwaves cause cancer?



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    While the science is not yet conclusive, the balance of studies seem to indicate that microwaves do not cause cancer. Although they do produce a magnetic field while they are in use, it is very small and since microwave ovens tend to be used for short periods of time, not much of a health threat. It is also important to note that the food cooked by microwaves is not made radioactive.

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    In theory, yes, but many things we use every day can cause cancer. Many buildings still have carcinogenic materials in them the sun can cause skin cancer; car exhaust, cigarette smoke, and most air pollutants can cause cancer. The list of carcinogenic things is constantly growing, even barbeque has carcinogens in it, such as Benzopyrene. (See the second link for more information on Benzopyrene).

    The microwave oven can cause cancer, but there are other ill effects that show up first. “Problems with severe headaches, sleep disturbances, memory loss, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and infertility show up long before cancer. When cancer does appear, it’s typically brain tumors, leukemia, and lymphoma.” (See the first link for more information.)

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