Can raccoons cause problems when they live in your backyard?



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    It seems that raccoons are notorious for causing many kinds of damage to a backyard and a house. They like to live in attics because they make attractive dens and will tear off shingles or chew holes to gain access. They also destroy vegetable gardens, can raid bird feeders and dig through garbage cans. Raccoons will eat nearly anything including aquatic animals, fruits, nuts, grains and small mammals. They have amazing dexterity which allows them to open eggs, doors, jars, bottles and latches. Does not seem like they would make a good backyard resident.

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    If you do not have poultry, quails, pheasants, turkeys, or a garden in your backyard, the main concerns are what raccoons can spread. Yes, they might mess with your garbage but that is an easy fix with a tight heavy lid. They may also enter your home, and that’s a big problem but I will not discuss this now.

    What is a huge concern in my opinion is the fact that raccoons, being omnivores eating anything and everything, are likely to carry disease. Sometimes, they carry rabies. Their fecal matter may contain parasites such as roundworm and they can spread distemper. If you have a dog or children, this is a huge concern.

    Filthy but utterly cute things!

    My link is a pdf article. Don’t be concerned.

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