Can pumpkins grow year around?



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    Pumpkins are a warm-weather crop that requires soil temperatures three inches deep to be at least 60 degrees Farenheit. In frost-free areas (the tropics or subtropics), pumpkins can grow year-round. In areas that do experience frost, it is recommended that you grow pumpkins indoors during the winter, and plant outdoors after the last frost.

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    In frost-free areas (the tropics or subtropics) pumpkins can grow year round.  We live in a warm weather state, but we do get frost in the winter so I cannot grow my pumpkins year round.  They require a sunny location, compost, well drained soil and protection from cold winds.  Pumpkins need a lot of water in the blooming period, so make sure they get 1-2 inches a week.  They also must be fertilized on a regular basis.  

    Pumpkins take about 70-160 days to mature (depending on variety), and are ready to harvest when they are bright-yellow and the vines have died.  You can save the seeds about 1 month after harvesting the pumpkin.  Scoop the seeds from the pumpkin, wash, dry and keep in a cool dry place away from the sun!

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    Pumpkins grow best in warm weather, specifically temperature in the low 70’s, without frost and with moderate rain, making spring and winter bad seasons for pumpkin. Pumpkins need these conditions for 110 to 140 days.

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    Anything can grow year round if you can manage to create the ideal environment for the crop.

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    As far as its origins go, Central America is believed to be where pumpkin cultivation began. Antarctica is the only continent where pumpkins are not grown.

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