Can a nuclear power plant have an effect on the weather?



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    In the strictest sense of the question, yes, a nuclear power plant will have an affect on the weather because it produces heat. The impact is far less than that of coal and other fossil fuel plants. Mining uranium and other nuclear combustibles can be a dirty business though. As a whole though, a nuclear power plant has a negligible effect on the environment and weather. It is still better to use clean renewables like solar, wind, and geothermal.

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    Nuclear power does not emit any greenhouse gases when the plant is running. However, the process of mining the uranium fuel can result in greenhouse gas emissions. Constructing the plant, which requires massive amounts of cement and metals, also emits greenhouse gases. These greenhouse gases contribute to global warming, which does have an effect on the weather. The temperature has already risen about a degree Fahrenheit and promises to continue rising. In general, though, nuclear power has much less of an environmental effect than does coal and oil – but more than solar and wind power.

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