Can plants be grown in space?



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    Yes.  NASA has been working on the idea of space agriculture for years.  Early last year, the first plants were successfully grown in space.  The astronaut working on the project successfully germinated two of fourteen seeds, and added that the plants were growing “beautifully.”  Video footage of this report (from space!) can be found here:

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    Not only can plants be grown in space, for long term habitation, they must be grown in space, because bringing food up from Earth is terrifically expensive. While working at NASA, I saw a guest lecturer from another center. NASA has been working, for example, in determining what plants and animals will be suitable for the moon. Cows, chickens, rice, wheat and tomatoes are considered essential.

    A problem with chickens is that on the moon, they would weigh so little, they would be able to soar like eagles!

    As a little joke to show the audience what great strides their project was making with hydroponics, the speaker described what he called a “disappointing result”, and showed a 2″x2″ planter with lush, tall grass/grain type plants. But, he said, “We did better the next time.” And the next slide was of growth so thick, the grass at the edges was growing horizontally! “It’s too dense to force your hand all the way through”, he explained.

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