Can pet feces be used as fertilizer for my garden?



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    Using pet feces in vegetable gardens is ill-advised, even if it’s composted. Cat feces may contain Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that infects nerves and can cross the placental barrier in pregnant women, causing nerve damage and developmental delays in the fetus.  When flushed down the toilet, the parasite is not removed by sewage treatment plants, and infects sea otters.

    Toxocara canis is a nematode that may be present in dog feces.  It also infects nerves, and may cause muscle weakness in immune-suppressed people, or worse, migrate to the retina of the eye and damage vision.  

    Both of these parasites persist for months or years in a dormant state in soil, and can be picked by produce in contact with the ground, or splashed onto produce when it rains.  While both can be killed by hot-composting, the feces has to be placed in the middle of the pile and the temperature must exceed 150 F on a sustained basis to eliminate the parasite.

    Mistakes can be very costly. The fertility you gain isn’t worth the risk.  

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