can the pesticides in strawberry cause problems with pregnancy?

Not just in strawberries, but heavy pesticides in fruits eaten on a regular basis hurt affect the fetus when pregnant?



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    Yes, the commonly known pesticides calld chlorpyrifos (brand name Dursban) can cause sever birth defects. The pesticides chlorpyrifos is used to kill termites, fleas and roaches. A study in Michigan found that a significantly higher rate of birth defects were increased where chlorpyrifos were highly used at. 

    In California pregnant mothers working in agricultural sites with a high use of pesticides had a higher risk of givng birth to a child with limb reduction defects. 

    A study of pregnant woman in Iowa and Michigan found that women exposed to pesticides had children born with cleft lips. 

    Pesticide contain alot of toxins that can make a person feel dizzy, lightheaded, confused and reduce the ability to think. A huge exposure of pesticides can make a person’s IQ decrease with the amount of permanent brain damage. Pesticides have ben known to also cause cancers and many types of problems like asthma and hormone disruption. 

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