Can personal behavior really make a difference?



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    In a way. If everyone changes their behavior it can quickly add up to a big difference. Plus by being choosey about what you purchase you are essentially voting for better products with your consumer dollars. That being said however, if we really want to tackle some of the biggest issues they really need to be regulated from the top down and the whole world really needs to cooperate. You can still make a difference in that area too, however, by voting for your government representatives and telling your representatives how you feel so they know what their constituents want.

    Plus what better way to set an example than by doing.

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    Of course! Every person can make a difference, and when more and more people change how they do things, an even bigger difference can be made. Take Martin Luther King Jr. for example. He, and others, really paved the way for African American and minority rights in the U.S. Or take Elizabeth Cady Stanton. If she wasn’t so set on getting women rights, specifically, voting rights, then it would have taken women a lot longer to get rights. One person can make a difference, and one person can encourage others to make a difference too.

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