Can a person in America really be totally green?



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    Yes, but it is very hard. There is a movie coming out about the practice of being totally green and having no environmental impact called “No Impact Man.” It seems that you would have to do so much to have no environmental impact, including living without electricity. It is possible, but again extremely challenging.

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    People in America depend heavily on motor transport/large roads for travel, buildings and large facilities (stores, hospitals, malls, etc.) for commercial or leisure uses, and agricultural land for farming. Americans need a lot of land and space for these functions and it would be difficult to change our modern ways to sustain the environment. To be truly green, people will have to live with using very limited amount of natural resources and possibly will need to revert back to how the native people used to live. However, there are many possibilities and changes Amercians can make to live a green life, with the right attitude and mindset.

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