Can people die from breathing in too much sulfur?



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    Sulfur is a solid at normal temperatures and pressures, so it would be unlikely to be breathed in. In any case, it has low toxicity.

    Having said that, too much of anything is, well, too much – you can die from too much water.

    If you actually meant compounds such as sulfur dioxide et al., that’s another question. While SO2 is used in winemaking, medically, and as a preservative, it is toxic in high doses and would kill simply by displacing oxygen, if you inhaled it alone. Similar statements could be made for many other sulfur-bearing gaseous compounds, but there are so many no blanket statement can be made.

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    Inhalation of sulfur dioxide can be fatal though this is typically in cases where the SO2 concentration was very high and it was in an enclosed space. Prolonged inhalation of SO2 can cause airway obstruction, hypoxemia, pulmonary edema or permanent lung injury. 

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