can peanut grass grow in san diego?



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    Peanut grass grows best in subtropical lowland environments: meaning it likes warm, rainy conditions. San Diego doesn’t exactly get a lot of rain, but peanut grass can tolerate a four-month dry spell. Southern California definitely has the high temperatures though, and as peanut grass likes a lot of sun, San Diego would probably be a friendly place for it.

    It looks like it can tolerate a wide range of soils too–clay or sandy, preferably with a low pH.

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    Evidently, peanut grass can prove to be a very low maintenance sod alternative. As mentioned above, it does like sun, and can go long lengths of time without grass. It also produces its own nitrogen, so no need for nitrogen-rich fertilizers. Many landscapers offer it in sod rolls, making installation easy, and it naturally grows at a snail’s pace, cutting back on trimming. Some folks are considering it as a replacement for their current lawns that demand high maintenance and watering, which can become expensive over time. It also has a nicely-weaved root system for protection from cold and high foot traffic.

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