Can peaches ripen off the tree? So many of mine have been knocked off by squirrels and I wonder if they will ripen if I put them in the sun?



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    Peaches do not ripen after being picked, but the natural gases they release can help soften them. 

    Placing them in the sun, which helps many fruits ripen after being picked, does not work for peaches. Many places recommend keeping them in a brown paper bag to soften them, but this website claims that brown bags create mealy peaches (and I agree!). They instead recommend placing the peaches in a dark, cool place, between two linen napkins. Something about this technique is magical in how it preserves the peaches and lets them breathe without suffocating in their own gases, and it does work wonders in creating edible peaches out of rock-hard fruit.

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      I was very interested in this answer as a week ago our peach tree branches split and broke. Following this advice we retreived all peaches we could, laid them out on an old linen table cloth placed over a board and put them under the qs bed in spare room, covering them with table cloth and t’towells. this was last Saturday. today is Thursday. so far we have recovered 5kg of fruit that was fit to make chutney and 2kg for eating. There are still about 5kg under bed. What fantastic advice. Peaches were rock hard and green, some with a faint blush. so “thank you” also Googled another site to learn how to mend tree. We wont know for about 4 months if it will recover,but “here’s hoping” 😉 Many thanks for your sound advice.

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    Peaches definitely ripen after being picked.  There would be no way to sell only ripe peaches at the supermarket to every person.

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    thank you so much for this advice.  Last Saturday our peach tree’s branches split and fell to ground. We were desperate to save some of the fruit.

    took your advice and laid old linen table cloth over the back of a very large poster frame, placed peaches in rows and covered with table cloth and linen t’towells. Then placed all under qs bed in spare room with curtains closed.

    today is friday and have recovered 5kg for making chutney (some bruises/blemishes and about 2kg for eating.

    there is at least another 5-6 kg under bed that will ripen in next few days.

    The fruit was mostly green and rock hard, a few had a slight blush.

    This was fantastic advice and proves the old adage “anything is worth a try”  😉

    Also googled to find out how to repair tree and have follwed this advice but wont know for 4/5 months if it will survive(clamp branches, cover in duct tape, then paint)

    Many thanks for your sound advice.

    The fruit DID ripen, lovely yellow flesh that had been green 😉

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