Can pasteurized milk be harmful for health?



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    Pasteurization of milk destroys certain beneficial bacteria which can help gastrointestinal health.  However, pasteurization is designed to kill harmful bacteria.  The FDA maintains that the benefits of pasteurization far outweigh the proposed risks.

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    Unpasteurized milk is often advertised as having additional health benefits due to its nutrients that are lost through pasteurization. However, drinking unpasteurized milk can have serious health risks because the bacteria in the milk has not been removed. Side effects can include gastrointestinal issues including bloody stool (sorry, I know it’s gross. Just trying to make a point.) and, in extreme cases, Hemolytic-uremic syndrome, a disease that destroys red blood cells and can harm the kidneys. See the link below that has some truly crazy stories of how people have been affected by unpasteurized milk, some with medical bills over $1 Million.

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    As getwithrico and bmalc889 pointed out, unpasteurized milk is known for its beneficial microorganisms, but can also contain harmful ones. A safe way to get beneficial microorganisms into your system is to eat yogurt. Yogurt is typically made from pasteurized milk that has had beneficial bacteria added back into it. My college biology professor was adamant about the benefits of eating yogurt, and a nurse told me that it was a good way to ward off yeast infections.

    In direct answer to your question, drinking too much pasteurized milk could upset the natural balance of bacteria in your body. Humans are designed to take in a certain amount of bacteria, and when we don’t get enough of it, problems can arise. Many foods besides yogurt are also probiotic, so most people generally get enough bacteria in their systems to maintain order.

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    Rather than answer the question specifically, I would like to point out the massive amounts of research that point out that consuming any and ALL dairy products is harmful to human health, pasteurized or raw. Please review the articles in the links below. I have seen massive improvements in my own health and energy levels since cutting dairy out of my diet. My suggestions is to try a 30 day dairy free diet and see what effects it has on your body.

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