Can parts of old cameras be recycled?



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    Yes, they can. There are even services that will buy your old cameras and recycled the parts, such as Gazelle – there is a link below. They may find a new user for your item (they also take laptops, etc.) or recycle the parts.

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    Depending on the brand, some camera companies will take back old cameras, break them down for parts and recycle them. Canon will do this for six dollars (you print out a shipping label from their website), and Sony will do it for free once you bring their old electronics to a Waste Management eCycling drop-off center. Panasonic and Kodak host periodic events for recycling, and also keep you up-to-date on recycling centers: check out the second link below for a state-by-state guide. Other options include Best Buy’s trade-in program, and local recycling events or retail shops with special recycling programs. If the camera still works but is outdated, consider giving it to a kid, or a friend who can still use it.

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