Can a Paperless Postal System be the answer?



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    I’m not sure what you mean. The postal system uses paper by definition; sending a letter without paper is impossible. Of course, you can use the internet to essentially send post without paper, via email, or a clever site that makes online cards look real.

    If you mean, “Can the postal system reduce its environmental impact by reducing administrative paper usage?” The answer to this is yes. Paper requires trees and energy to make, both of which are environmentally detrimental.

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    I have never thought about a paperless postal system until now. It is a very interesting concept. Since the postal service does use an extreme amount of paper, having all bills, letters, etc be delivered electronically would be convenient and sustainable. Many magazines are becoming just digital editions, why couldn’t mail do the same thing?

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    Isn’t this just called e-mail? I guess it would just be an e-mail account for your property address that all your mail would be sent to. And to keep the idea of post office boxes available, people could get an e-mail address from the post office and only access it there. It would put an end to the enormous amounts of junk mail that just get thrown away every day.

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