Can a pair of red foxes have a litter of 5 kits and 3 more two weeks later?

We have a family of foxes living under a shed and there are 5 larger young that are already turning red (they were dark grey at first) and the same parents have three more that are much smaller and grey. We see the parents tending to both sets and they live in the same area, although the bigger ones are much more out and about.



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    Typical red fox gestation time is from 49 to 56 days, so two litters only two weeks apart is impossible. Young foxes will stay with their mother until the autumn after they are born, though females can stay longer. What you may be seeing is older siblings, not yet independent, helping their mother care for her new kits. Also, male foxes can mate with multiple females at once, and these females will share a den. Perhaps there are actually two sets of mothers and kits. 

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