Can the Ozone layer recover from the damage it has sustained from pollution?



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    Yes, the ozone layer does have the ability to repair itself. According to the Ohio State University (2008), the creation and destruction of ozone molecules in the stratosphere is a natural cycle. The oxygen molecule, over time, is always making an attempt to renew itself and connect with the ozone layer. The problem lies in the fact that currently, the destruction of the ozone layer is happening faster than the oxygen molecule is able to regenerate itself. Unfortunately, the natural repair of the ozone layer is a very slow process (The Ohio State University, 2008).

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    Yes.  Ozone is naturally formed in the atmosphere from regular old O2 molecules, using energy from the sun.  While the depleted ozone layer is definitly still a problem, and will be for some time, there is evidence that with the reduction of ozone-destroying chemicals, the ozone will naturally rebuild itself in time (scientists estimate about 50 years).

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    The ozone layer has already started to repair itself over Antarctica, and some scientists see this as a bad thing. Apparently the hole in the ozone layer has been keeping the continent cooler, and as it has been repairing itself the heat is starting to get trapped in the atmosphere! Here is an article explaining more on the issue. 

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