Can the ozone layer be repaired?



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    The hole in the ozone layer is a naturally occurring phenomenon, the product of weather patterns in the stratosphere (the layer of the Earth’s atmosphere that sits roughly 10km above the Earth’s surface). So, it is unclear whether or not it can be repaired with out a supervillain style whether machine. The problem, as I am sure you are aware, is that the size and duration of the hole were increasing because of the the release of CFCs (chemicals used in spray cans) and other chemicals into the atmosphere. These chemicals reacted with the ozone, breaking it apart and decreasing its concentration in the atmosphere. However, since the ban on CFCs in 1979, the hole has been gradually getting smaller and lasting for a shorter period of time. Interestingly, this may not be good news.

    The link below is to an article that suggests that the closing hole in the ozone layer may exacerbate global warming in the southern hemisphere by reducing the effects of sunlight reflecting clouds that form in the region.

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