Can our mineral supply support our growing technology field?



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    If by “our” you mean the USA, then probably not from US mineral resources alone. The US is at least somewhat dependent on imports for 63 of 85 mineral commodities tracked by the USGS. We are 90-100% dependent on imports for rare earths, gallium, arsenic, germanium, indium, manganese, and more. You can’t make a flat-panel TV without indium; germanium, arsenic and more are critical in LEDs and semiconductors. Rare earths like neodymium are used in motors for wind turbines and electric car motors.

    If by “our” you mean the resources of planet earth, then many but not all resources are sufficient for most current needs. Exceptions include helium (used in MRI devices) and some others which are either not renewable or are not abundant in the earth in general

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