Can our eating habits significantly reduce deforestation in the world?



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    Yes. Virtually everything we consume, whether it’s food, clothing, cars, etc., can affect the impact we have on the environment. If we choose to eat fresh, local products with little or no packaging, we are preserving forests, as paper and cardboard packaging is very common with food. Buying local reduces our carbon footprints, as the food doesn’t need to travel long distances inside packaging packed into trucks.

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    Lots of land is cleared for the production of beef.  But it is a double edge sword just to say that you are a vegetarian because with increasing food demands, even vegetables and fruits will need to be planted in forested area to meet increasing demands.  Not eating meat does promote global warming with methane production.  And even with growing food demands it takes many grams of protein from plants to create 1 gram in meat.  

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